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OZ Kush

Gassy, earthy terpenes come through strong in this new kush line. Dense flowers dripping in resins make this an elite hemp variety we plan on growing for years. 

Bubba Kush x Mad Dog CBG

THC 0.29 % 
CBD 7.40 %

Pink Panther

Our new favorite! Pink Panther reeks like purple candy. With over 1.6% terpenes, it will fill the room as soon as you open the jar. The buds range from dark purple, to a vibrant mix of green, pinks and purples.

Cats Meow x Alpen Gleaux

THC 0.2 % 
CBD 4.29 %

Cedar White CBG

Super frosty bright green nugs. Hints of pine and lemon. If it's CBGa you are after, this flower is some of the highest percentages you can find.



CBGa  17.4%

Fading Colors
CBGa oil new.jpg

CBGa Oil

Ingredients: Raw White CBG flower and Organic MCT oil. 

We slowly infuse our CBG flower into  MCT oil derived from coconuts. We do this over low heat to ensure the raw cannabinoid acids stay intact. Each 1oz bottle contains over 500mg naturally occurring CBGa. 

THC 0.09 % 

CBG 1.60 %

CBGa 17.92%

CBDa CBGa oil new.jpg

CBDa + CBGa Oil

Ingredients: Organic Raw Pink Panther flower, Organic Raw White CBG flower, Organic MCT oil.

This infusion is a full spectrum, raw cannabinoid blend made with 2 of our flower varieties. The result is an oil high in CBDa and CBGa, and trace amounts of other cannabinoids and terpenes. Approximately 400mg CBDa and 500mg CBGa per 1 oz. bottle.

THC    0.28%

CBDa  13.29%

CBGa  16.91 %

CBD oil new_edited.jpg


Ingredients: Decarboxylated Organic Pink Panther flower, Organic MCT oil.

This is our high CBD oil. We gently heat our raw flower to decarboxylate the CBDa into CBD. This full spectrum extract has only trace amounts of other cannabinoids. ~240mg CBD per 1 oz. bottle.

THC    0.14%

CBDa  8.21%

CBGa  0 %


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